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Prof. Zhi Jin held a post-doctor position in Institute of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences from 1992 to 1994 and then became an associate professor. She has been a full professor in Academy of Mathematics and System Science at Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2001. She currently is a full professor in Peking University. Her fields of expertise include Requirements Engineering, Knowledge Engineering and Service-Oriented Computing.
Prof Zhi Jin is vice director of the Key Laboratory of High Confidence Software Technologies of the Ministry of Education, and vice director of the Key Laboratory on Management, Decision and Information Systems of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Prof. Zhi Jin has been a winner for several national-wide awards in China because of her outstanding research achievements. She has attracted and leads over 20 national competitive grants including the Premier’s Award of Distinguished Young Scientists in China awarded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2006. She is now the First Chief Investigator for three national-level projects and two bilateral collaboration international projects. She has published two monographs, about 40 journal papers and over 60 international conference papers.
Together with Prof. Dr.Dimitris Karagiannis, Prof.Zhi Jin has organized the special issue of KSEM2009 for IJSI (Vol.4, No.1) in 2010.



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