Angsheng Li received his ph D in the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993. After ph D, he has been working in the Institute, and appointed as associate professor and full professor in 1996, and 1999 respectively. Angsheng Li works in computability theory, especially in mathematical structures of Turing computations. He received the 2003 NSFC Distinguished Young Investigator award, and the 2008 Hundred-Talent Program award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has published a number of papers in internationally leading journals such as Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Journal of the London Mathematical Society, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, Theoretical Computer Science, Annals of Pure and applied Logic, Journal of Symbolic Logic, Archive for Mathematical Logic, Illinois Journal of Mathematics, Israel Journal of Mathematics,  and Internet Mathematics etc. He currently chairs the Steering Committee of the international conference series Theory and Applications of Models of Computation, and is co-chair of TAMC 2012 to be held in Beijing, as a Turing centenary meeting, in May 2012.

His current research interests include algorithms and information in networks, network science, mathematical  roperty test, and mathematical structures of Turing computation.

Prof Angsheng Li organized the special issue on Computability and Computational Complexity for IJSI (Vol.5, No.4) in 2011.



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