Jerry Zeyu Gao is a professor at the Department of Computer Engineering at San Jose State University. He had over 15 years of academic research and teaching experience and over 10 years of industry working and management experience on software engineering and IT development applications. He has published over hundreds publications in IEEE/ACM journals, magazines, International conferences and workshops. He has co-authored three published technical books and edited numerous books in software engineering, mobile computing and cloud computing. His co-authored book, titled as "Testing and Quality Assurance of Component-Based Software", has listed as one of the best sellers in 2004-2005. His current research areas include cloud testing, TaaS, cloud computing, and mobile cloud services. Moreover, he has edited over 11 conference/workshop proceedings and numerous journal special issues.

In addition, he has been invited as a keynote speaker or a panellist for numerous international conferences and workshops, such as AST2013, IEEESOSE2013, IEEESOSE2010, ROSATEA2007, ICYCS2005, and CBSS2004, and IEEEASE2003.

In the last 10 years, Dr. Gao has played as one of leaders in organizing many international conferences and workshops as a conference co-chair, program co-chair, and workshop co-chair. These include SEKE06-2011, IEEE SOSE2011, ICYCS'05, TQACBS2005-2006, WMCS2004-2010, IEEE EMOBS07-08, TEST'07, and EECC2006. In this year, he is the conference a co-chair for IEEE SOSE2013 and a program co-chair for IEEE MobileCloud2013.

Together with Prof. Hong Zhu, Prof. Gao organized the special issue of service-oriented system engineering for IJSI (Vol.7, No.2) in 2013.




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