Danos graduated in Engineering, obtained a PhD in mathematics in 1990 and has had a 20 year academic career in logic and theoretical computer science and applications. He holds a Chair of Computational Systems Biology at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. He is also Directeur de Recherches at CNRS. Danos' main research programme centres on an innovative methodology, the rule-based approach, which exploits the modularity of biological agents and overcomes the combinatorial challenge of describing and simulating signalling systems. To pursue this line of investigation he was awarded an ERC Advanced Fellowship in February 2013. His current research interests also include applications of rule-based modelling to formatted constructs (e.g., BioBrick-based) including designs relying on protein-protein interactions; modular architectures for the combination of weakly coupled models; coarse-grained models of bacterial physiology; energy-based models. 

Together with Prof. Barry Cooper, Prof. Vincent Danos has organized the special issue for IJSI (Vol.7, No.4) in 2013.




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