Propositional Attitudes and Causation
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Konstantine,Arkoudas,Bringsjord. Propositional Attitudes and Causation. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2009,3(1):47~65
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Fund:Corresponding author: Konstantine Arkoudas; email:
Abstract:Predicting and explaining the behavior of others in terms of mental states is indispensable for everyday life. It will be equally important for artificial agents. We present an inference system for representing and reasoning about mental states, and use it to provide a formal analysis of the false-belief task. The system allows for the representation of information about events, causation, and perceptual, doxastic, and epistemic states (vision,belief, and knowledge), incorporating ideas from the event calculus and multi-agent epistemic logic. Unlike previous AI formalisms, our focus here is on mechanized proofs and proof programmability, not on metamathematical results. Reasoning is performed via relatively cognitively plausible inference rules, and a degree of automation is achieved by generalpurpose inference methods and by a syntactic embedding of the system in first-order logic.
keywords:propositional attitudes  multi-agent epistemic logic  event calculus  reasoning  mental states  false-belief tasks  theory-theory
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