A Short Catalogue of Abstraction Patterns for Model-Based Software Engineering
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Bran V. Selic. A Short Catalogue of Abstraction Patterns for Model-Based Software Engineering. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2011,5(1-2Part2):313~334
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Abstract:Abstraction is a fundamental component of software design. In particular, it is crucial in the conception of large and complex software systems, whose implementations are so intricate that they tax our cognitive capacities. The need to design, comprehend, and manage the evolution of such systems has given rise to the notion of software architecture - an abstract representation of a software system which focuses solely on its essential elements and relationships. Unfortunately, the process of abstraction by which such models are derived is typically complex and highly subjective, making it difficult to validate and document. This leads to a number of practical problems including, notably, the potential for difficult-to-detect discrepancies between design intent and implementation. To mitigate this, we identify and describe some of the most common abstraction patterns used by software architects to render a complex system into a more comprehensible form. For greater clarity, each pattern is described in detail using a provisional graph-based formalism. The intent is to not only provide a precise description of the abstraction process for each pattern, but also to open the possibility of providing automation support for documenting and validating the steps involved in transitioning between system representations at different levels of abstraction.
keywords:model-based software engineering  software patterns  software architecture
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