BDMasker: Dynamic Data Protection System for Open Big Data Environment

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    Big data has become a national basic strategic resource, and the opening and sharing of data is the core of China's big data strategy. Cloud native technology and lake-house architecture are reconstructing the big data infrastructure and promoting data sharing and value dissemination. The development of the big data industry and technology requires stronger data security and data sharing capabilities. However, data security in an open environment has become a bottleneck, which restricts the development and utilization of big data technology. The issues of data security and privacy protection have become increasingly prominent both in the open source big data ecosystem and the commercial big data system. Dynamic data protection system under the open big data environment is now facing challenges in regards such as data availability, processing efficiency, and system scalability. This paper proposes the dynamic data protection system BDMasker for the open big data environment. Through a precise query analysis and query rewriting technology based on the query dependency model, it can accurately perceive but does not change the original business request, which indicates that the whole process of dynamic masking has zero impact on the business. Furthermore, its multi-engine-oriented unified security strategy framework realizes the vertical expansion of dynamic data protection capabilities and the horizontal expansion among multiple computing engines. The distributed computing capability of the big data execution engine can be used to improve the data protection processing performance of the system. The experimental results show that the precise SQL analysis and rewriting technology proposed by BDMasker is effective. The system has good scalability and performance, and the overall performance fluctuates within 3% in the TPC-DS and YCSB benchmark tests.

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Yaofeng Tu, Jiahao Niu, Dezheng Wang, Hong Gao, Jin Xu, Ke Hong, Fang Yang. BDMasker: Dynamic Data Protection System for Open Big Data Environment. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2023,13(1):87~115

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