Internetware Computing: Issues and Perspective

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    The Internetware addresses the unique challenges of software development and maintenance in the open and dynamic Internet environment. The project identifies the four major features as the vision of future Internetware including autonomous services, dynamic collaboration, environment-aware evolution and adaptation, and verifiable and justifiable trustworthiness. The paper discusses four key enabling techniques to achieve the above Internetware capabilities. 1) The lifecycle model: it proposes the model-driven and reuse- centric adaptive lifecycle of service software and the mashup approach for composition-based application development. 2) The ontology system: it discusses a wide range of software development ontology systems that can be used at various abstraction levels throughout all the stages of software lifecycle, and the issues with ontology systems such as consistency and completeness, dependency analysis, merging and change management. 3) Modeling and simulation: it identiˉes the necessary characteristics of the modeling language in the new paradigm such as the modeling of environment , system and environment interactions,the environment-system co-engineering process, and the ontology support for modeling and simulation. 4) Social ranking: it points out that social network will play an important role in Internetware development framework. Traditional software activities such as requirements solicitation and testing can be improved following this social approach. From these above four perspectives, the paper gives an outlook to the emerging techniques and their potential power in Internetware software engineering.

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Wei-Tek Tsai, Zhi Jin, Xiaoying Bai. Internetware Computing: Issues and Perspective. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2009,3(4):415~438

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