On "The Right" Software

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    Boehm[13,37] is credited to have formulated the "Two Rights" of software: the problem of getting the right software and the problem of getting the software right. The development processes needed to achieve software that is right, to us, requires that a proper study of the application domain be done before a serious requirements study is attempted; and to achieve the right software, that is, software that is correct, to us, requires that a proper engineering degree of formalism be applied to the entire development process; that is, that we re-interpret classical development processes[14]. We shall in this paper focus only on the issue of obtaining the right software. In this paper talk we shall outline what we mean by a proper study of the application domain and how it influences the requirements development.

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Dines Bjorner. On "The Right" Software. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2011,5(3):509~523

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