Volume 7,Issue 4,2013 Table of Contents

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Special Issue on DCM09

  Barry S. Cooper and Vincent Danos
  2013,7(4):483-484 [Abstract]  [View PDF(74.00 K)]
Algorithms for Quantum Branching Programs Based on Fingerprinting
  Farid Ablayev and Alexander Vasiliev
  2013,7(4):485-500 [Abstract]  [View PDF(368.37 K)]
Type Directed Semantics for the Calculus of Looping Sequences
  Livio Bioglio,Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini,Paola Giannini and Angelo Troina1
  2013,7(4):501-526 [Abstract]  [View PDF(508.43 K)]
Stochastic Fragments: A Framework for the Exact Reduction of the Stochastic Semantics of Rule-Based Models
  Jerome Feret,Heinz Koeppl and Tatjana Petrov
  2013,7(4):527-604 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.99 M)]
Deterministic Autopoietic Automata
  Martin Furer
  2013,7(4):605-613 [Abstract]  [View PDF(148.59 K)]
Relationship between Creativity, Imitation, and Cultural Diversity
  Liane Gabora,Stefan Leijnen and Tiha von Ghyczy
  2013,7(4):615-627 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.61 M)]
Rational vs. Real Computation
  Walid Gomaa
  2013,7(4):629-654 [Abstract]  [View PDF(283.40 K)]
An Intuitive Modelling Interface for Systems Biology
  Ozan Kahramanogullari and Luca Cardelli
  2013,7(4):655-674 [Abstract]  [View PDF(666.50 K)]
On the Relevance of Diffusion-Controlled Reactions for Understanding Living Cell Biochemistry
  Zoran Konkoli
  2013,7(4):675-694 [Abstract]  [View PDF(608.37 K)]



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