IJSI new email address starts using
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IJSI starts using a new email address 

The editorial office find that we often didn't receive emails sent to the IJSI offical email address (ijsi@iscas.ac.cn). And some of the lost emails are very important which delayed the speed of submissions' review. For this, the editorial office registered the another email address (ijsi2007@gmail.com) for IJSI.

For we can receive every email, all the editorial board members, all the reviewers, all the authors, when you send email to us, please send to the two following email addresses: ijsi@iscas.ac.cn  and ijsi2007@gmail.com

PS: ijsi@iscas.ac.cn is the preferred email, ijsi2007@gmail.com is the remind email.

Thank you for your attention,

Editorial office of IJSI

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