Guidelines for Authors
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IJSI firmly opposes any form of plagiarism. Authors who submit manuscripts to IJSI should confirm the originality and legality of the content of the manuscript. It should be ensured that the manuscript is neither completely or partially published in any other publications in any language, nor reviewed by any other  publications for publication purposes during the review process of IJSI.
1. Authors should provide an accurate description of the original research and an objective argument about the work's importance. The manuscript should meet the relevant requirements as stated in the "Instructions for Contributions" of IJSI.
2.Authors must not submit the same manuscript to more than one journal or conference  at the same time (no duplicate submission). The manuscripts describing the same research should not be published in multiple journals (no redundant publication).
3. Authors should confirm all sources of data used in their research and cite publications that have had an impact in their research work.
4. Authors should be limited to the persons who have made significant contributions to the research conception, design, implementation, or interpretation of the report, and the researchers who have made significant contributions must be listed as co-authors.


All manuscripts must be submitted in English. Each manuscript should have title, abstract, keywords and a reference list of literature. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically as PDF, PS, or Word format. The electronic submission system of IJSI is under construction. The submission template can be downloaded here:  IJSI Template.rar(Latex)    or   IJSI(Word).rar(Word).

You can submit your menuscript through the online system for Author on our website.

For help contact with the editorial office by email 

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